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Passionate since childhood about doodling during my school hours and my lost hours, I quickly understood that it is not actually lost hours, but earned hours, for what will pass from passion to profession.

It is after having passed my economic and social diploma that I entered the University of Rennes II and graduated in 2015 with a degree in arts, specializing in graphic design. I quickly found in my artistic and graphic practice a social dimension unconsciously guided by my training and my personality.

Reserved by nature, but full of curiosity, always concerned about others, it is in graphic design that I will find a way to respond to the problems of others by providing them with concrete solutions tailored to their needs.


Photo : @Justine Robillard – Exposition “Variétés”, Galerie Espace Crous, Rennes – 2017.

Illustration is for me the way to answer my incessant questioning on the forms and the language which govern our world, thus leading me to realizations relating to various topics such as the wonders of the world, the masks or the animals, in a style sometimes very coloured attached to the pop surrealism.

Being independent is for me the opportunity to build relationships around the world and give me the means to work with different countries on different graphic or artistic projects.

Rigor, meticulousness, originality, revolution and sharing are the words that animate me on a daily basis, and this can be felt in the creations and numerous concepts that I put in place.

Aujourd’hui diplômé d’un Master en Création Numérique obtenu avec mention grâce à la rédaction de mon mémoire sur l’illustration et l’esthétique du 360° dans la sphère de la communication, c’est avec des connaissances solides en la matières que je vous propose mes services d’illustrateurs et de graphiste freelance.


Some posters for sale on the shop are home-made prints, they are postcards, A4 (21 x 29.7 cm) and A3 (29.7 x 42 cm) formats. And it is this in-house printing that gives the illustrations a limited edition of only a few copies.

To realize them, a research on the paper and the settings of the printer is essential, giving place to a lot of failures in order to find the settings that correspond to the desired rendering.

The inkjet printer used is a professional printer, the ink unlike the laser allows to add material to the design, a fine texture that makes the posters more natural.

The colorization of the illustrations being digital, the still jet printing allows to bring out the types of brushes and paints I used, like the watercolor effect used for the animals or the chalk for the painted masks.

Now that you know more about the person behind the posters and their finalization,

discover the different themes or go to the shop to see all the posters made.


If you wish to have additional information or wish a personalized illustration, leave your message via the contact form and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


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