Décoration murale originale


Affiches originales, colorées et décorative. Plusieurs thématiques d’affiches décoratives à découvrir sur le shop.



À travers l’illustration de portraits d’animaux sauvages, découvrez celui qui vous

correspond le mieux.

This series is based on the principle that we all resemble an animal that would be our totem, which is why the portraits are on a white or black background. 

Technique: hand drawing and digital painting.




Resulting from the movement Lowbrow Art in , the surrealism pop or pop surrealism

is an artistic movement born in the years 1979, mixing two major movements 

Background: a surrealist cave

Surrealism by the dreamlike content and pop by the graphic aesthetic. 

Often colorful, the surrealist pop paintings draw their source in the world of video games and world culture.

Through the landscapes and illustrations that will be classified in this category, the wish is to demonstrate that everyone has a different appreciation of the objects and forms that surround them. This is why the elements of subjects are reappropriated and thus transformed, to create an analogy between what is given to see, and what this object could be. 

Technique: hand drawing and digital painting.

Background: implosion of America due to global warming.




Two themes whose series are in progress. On the one hand, the illustration of cultures through their own masks. 

And on the other hand the wonders revisited in a humorous tone. 

Taz Mahal

Masks and wonders are two separate series also in progress. 

We can find the declination of wonders of the world such as the Taj Mahal in its surrealist pop version. 

As for the masks, they are symbols of cultures that are illustrated. In each culture, this object is used in different ways (theater, ball, etc..) and conveys different messages. 

Masque Balinais

Masque Japonais Hannya


Find out who is behind his illustrations and learn more about the design.



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